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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 24, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the chest. he fell to the ground. two suspects fled the scene. >> reporter: county police have a laundry list of unanswered questions, so does the owner of another bar just a mile from the bar. >> it doesn't happen around here, you just really don't expect it. >> reporter: wjz cameras spotted police driving through the neighborhood. former employees say he was a good man. >> if you ever had troubles or needed anything, he would always help you out no matter who you were. he always helped me out and my mom. after my father passed away he was a really big father figure. >> big question was motive. is there any knowledge if they got away with anything. >> at this point we don't have motive. >> reporter: that means police are not convinced that the
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motive was robbery. >> you never know the nerves of someone and their intentions. >> reporter: police don't have a description, the only think they know is they were two black males. adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> adam thank you. police are asking anyone with information to call police. an update to the breaking news we first brought you last hour. sky13 over the scene of a serious accident over baltimore. captain mike is live. >> reporter: this is cold spring lane. a two vehicle collision resulting in rescue. apparently two people trapped inside a sports utility vehicle and a sedan. both will be transported to
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area hospitals. as you can see, roads remain closed. back to you on tv hill. >> we will continue to follow it, thank you. a suspicious death investigation in anne arundel county tonight, the victim a 6 -week-old baby boy. police arrived after neighbor said someone knocked on her door crying for help. the baby was unresponsive and had no signs of trauma. the apartment was in significant disarray. a police officer shot in the face while trying to make an arrest. tonight a man is under arrest for questioning. >> reporter: three men have been arrested. the suspect escaped the officers grasp and fled. that is when sean smith and another man allegedly fired at the officer hitting him in the
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jaw. smith is charged with attempted first degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder and assault on a police officer, mary. >> denise, thank you. officer arthur suffered severe facial injuries. battle over slots, the dispute over the anne arundel trial dispute. >> reporter: from allegations of lies being made to people who signed the petition, this debate has become just about as personal as it is passionate. big money, we're talking millions of the dollars are on the line. a high stakes money and power battle has pitted the powerful cordish company against a group that doesn't want slots in
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their neighborhood. >> as citizens we felt bullied across the process. this is just one more step of the bullying. >> reporter: but cordish says they are no goliath. >> this is really a corporate effort to usurp the constitutional vote. >> reporter: the cordish lawsuit claims that signatures brought to a vote were invalid, that some of them were even faked. >> once all the evidence comes out, they will see what went on here. >> reporter: are they afraid of getting it rejected? >> that's what they are trying to do. >> reporter: in the two years since voters allowed slots, no parlors have opened. the baltimore city location sits vacant and the city is missing out on hundreds of millions of the dollars in
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revenue. the only slot parlor is in perryville cecil county. where construction is under way, and is scheduled to open this year. >> this is being held up by a single entity who did not follow the rules or participate in the process. >> we in essence are fighting for our community right now. >> reporter: this is also become very political with former governor erlich getting involved. we're many months away before we learn the fate, whether slots will be at arundel mill mall.
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patience is wearing thin tonight. gulf coast states can only watch as the oil spill continues to one gush. this is a live look, thousands of people below sea level where repairs are happening right now to that leak. it is going to be midweek before bp can try its latest tactics to try the next fix. >> reporter: president obama's cabinet members toured the spill that's only getting worse. >> we are going to stay on this and stay on bp till this gets done and it gets done the right way. >> reporter: louisiana is using sand to build natural barriers to block the crude from invading the state's marshes. but in some areas, the damage is already being seen.
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louisiana governor is trying to call for help. at least 6 million gallons has gushed into the gulf and they still can't stop it. bp's next plan to plug the leak is called top kill. crews will pour mud and cement into the well. and bp isn't sure if it will work. >> if it doesn't work, i can tell you we have other options. >> reporter: but the obama administration says it's losing patient. saying it will push bp out of the way if they cannot plug the oil spill soon. more than 130 lawsuits have been filed over this spill. a rather overcast start to the workweek. a live look outside right now. some sun in places. but, sun and drizzle in spots
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earlier today. wjz is live with weather coverage. bernadette woods who's out back is tracking the system off the coast that could develop into a named storm. but first, bob is here to update your local radar, bob. >> [audio difficulties ] i was just showing you, take a look at radar. up these are light showers, i don't think they're going to develop much. there you go, moving to the west, we have a east to northwest wind continuing during this low level cloud. way out in the atlantic, south
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southwestern bermuda is moving toward us, bernadette. >> you can see the whole western side of the storm is broken. you see all the bright colors on the eastern side there. those are most of the thunderstorms. and the center of it is very detracted from that. so this suspect that well organized. the hurricane center is watching this. the reason it would be subtropical is because of the fact that it doesn't have all the pure tropical characteristics. regardless, there's something going to be hanging around and that will bring a high surf for the weekend. possibly the rip tide problems. right now back inside. >> bernadette, thank you. for 70 years, navy academy freshman have been climbing to the top of a grease covered statute on campus. but things are a little different this year.
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the climb may soon be slipping into the history books. >> reporter: climbing of this ovolus marked the end of the freshman's plead year, but it also may mark the end of a decade's long tradition. for the first time in 30 years, there's no lard covering the hermden monument. usually, the lard is placed to make it more difficult. but this year, the school's outgoing superintendent said no grease, siting the dangers. with no lard slowing them down, the climb that takes most classes upward of two to three
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hours. took the class of 20 13 two minutes and 30 seconds. >> i think they should keep the lard, but it is what it is. >> reporter: for now the fate of the climb remains unknown. whether or not it will continue is up to the incoming superintendent. >> president obama nominated mike miller to become the new superintendent of the naval academy. mark viviano took part in the half marathon and he joins joins us now. how do you feel today, mark?
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>> i feel great, thank you for asking. it was a bit overcast, but that's actually great when you are running. about 2,000 runners took part of a challenging half marathon court through some hilly sections. it was a great cause too, 100% of the proceeds go to the university of maryland cancer center. some of the runners were even cancer survivors and the stories were no doubt truly inspirational to all of us. congratulations to the over all winner, mat caucus. we'll do it next year, kai. >> wjz is a proud sponsor of the maryland half marathon. still ahead, royal scandal.
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the duchess of york caught selling access to her ex- husband. shocking hollywood death, it's been just month since actress murphy died, now her husband has died too. something new is blooming on broadway. we have the news right here on wjz. the updated first warning forecast with bob is still coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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former princess sarah ferguson is no stranger to controversy. she is apologizing for trying
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to sell access to prince arthur. >> reporter: the royal family are shaking their head over this handshake by ferguson. she promised to set up a meeting with andrew. but she made the officer for a reporter posing as a businessman. in one scene, ferguson claims prince andrew is in on the deal. >> i find it a bit delusional as well as disgraceful. >> reporter: the green herself has reportedly being involved in crisis talk here at
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buckingham palace. one critic called the duchess vulgar, vulgar, vulgar. the duchess has apologized for what she called a lapse in judgment. >> fergie's spokesperson says the recording is authentic and says she is embarrassed by the problems she's caused. the worse problems are mostly in the city. we actually have an accident right now in the city on old cold spring. we actually have a video of that from chopper 13. lots of fire crews on the scene, a bit of entrapment there. as far as other issues, we have an accident on 295 southbound
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that one on the right shoulder. several more in the city. falls way at monument. and as far as delays go the worse ones are actually going to be on the topside ten minutes and minutes at 20 miles per hour. the tunnel is looking good at the fort mcarthur tunnel. this report brought to you by. it's been a mostly cloudy day in baltimore, but it's a little broughter in one neighborhood thanks to the start of the beautification effort. >> reporter: the scenes of springtime are being planted in
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the square. they are seeing flowers at bells point. part of a summer beautification. >> that's the whole point of the beautification to bring in visitors and to help businesses. >> i think anything they can do to enhance the natural appeal and beauty of this area is going to be a good thing. >> reporter: those good things include 80 new hanging baskets and 22 planters. fells point main street is providing the $20,000 in funding. >> this is all done through us, private donations through money for city papers, donation for helping. and donations from baltimore development corporation. >> reporter: it's the fourth
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year for the beautification process and this year they expanded it by four weeks. >> it will add a cheerful note to the square. >> reporter: wjz eyewitness news. >> now the beautification process expands this year to the 300th block of broadway. >> it looks nice. they are doing a great job. >> even fergie would call it fame. >> that's right. let's look at temps and condition. it's warming up to seven #. 56% humidity. winds continue at east northeast. the barometer actually holding steady. . ,,,,,,,,
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the smart choice because carmax will buy your car even if you don't buy one of ours. we have breaking news to report to you right now. there's been an accident. let's go to sky chopper 13 to captain mike. where are you and what happened. >> this is a two vehicle collision, a sports utility and a sedan. a near head on collision caused
5:25 pm
the sedan to exit the road and hit a tree. initially this was a rescue, first responders arrived and were able to pull the drivers out. back to you at tv hill. >> thank you, captain mike perry, reporting live. now we're going to go to the weather center. here's bob. >> some areas are still getting a few sprinkles. first of all let's take at those winds. they've been to the north- northeast. between here and 5,000 feet, we have a deck of a cloud. the east winds continue and they'll be with us tonight and tomorrow but they'll be very, very light. and because they are so light it's hard to get these clouds out of here. 77 right now, 78 in washington.
5:26 pm
a cooler 68 ocean city, winds right off the water there and 65 out in oakland. we have a lot of weather in the northern plains. some severe weather in the dakotas. very warm air, temperature at 70 degrees. it's much colder air coming down from western canada. snow again in the rockies and again tomorrow. for us, low pressure that came through the region this weekend has come down through the carolinas, you can see the winds continue to bring it from east to west rather than from west to east. plenty of clouds offshore. we still have clouds out here over delaware, sprinkles have popped up during the afternoon. now eventually we'll get some warmer conditions as high pressure begins to build in. another front coming down from the northeast actually. we call them back door cold fronts, probably getting into our vicinity thursday and friday. may give us a pop up thunderstorms. ahead of us, very warm temps
5:27 pm
may get up to 90 here on wednesday. east winds at five knots. keeping us cool. temperatures should be just about what we saw this afternoon upper 70s. bay temp around 67. tonight clouds, fog and spotty showers. it may get to 80 if we get a little more sunshine. some areas are going to feel a little bit sticky tomorrow because of the sun and residual moisture. so it'll feel a little more like summer, and particularly tuesday and wednesday. southwest airlines gears up for a huge give away in downtown baltimore. why maryland's first lady is stopping in to stop bullying. i'm gigi barnette in tonight's
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it's 5:30, partly sunny and 77 degrees in baltimore right now. thank you for staying with 13 news. here are some of the stories people are talking about
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tonight. relentless bully, they are pushing students to the brink. gigi barnett has the report. >> reporter: 15-year-old phoebi prince commits suicide after being bullied. on friday, a 13-year-old hung herself. in baltimore city, school officials suspended five students after shania complained of bullying. >> you can't just put a band- aid over it and think it's going to go away. you have to fix it. >> reporter: the next step now for school leaders statewide is preventing it. for that, maryland first lady katie o' malley signed on to help. >> all kids know what it is, but getting them aware of what it is and when it's happening
5:32 pm
not to be quiet about it. >> reporter: but o' malley says the bullies need help themselves. >> they may be insecure, they may have gotten bullied themselves. >> reporter: 4,000 cases of bullying went on last year. >> bullying is a really serious thing and you have to deal with it. >> reporter: kahn is a sixth grader, he's seen bullying in the the hall ways but he says cyber bullying is worse. >> because of the cyber bullying, texting and messages the kids are stressed out all the time. >> reporter: mrs. o' malley also sent out letters to schools across the state to ask teachers to take time out to
5:33 pm
talk to students about bullying. the jury convicted -- a fourth victim survivorred and testified against godinez. police arrested him in maryland after a massive man hunt. >> the jury deliberated for four hours before returning the guilty verdict. godinez may face life in prison. the mothers of berkeley graduates were allowed a meeting with their children. all of that time in prison has led to an engagement. two of the hikers say they plan to marry after the release,
5:34 pm
with the second captive man serving as the best man. the airline plans to continue operating half of their flights. as people headed to lunch today, many found themselves in a beach party. the party included several surprise get aways. >> grab your bag as well. >> grab a bag. >> reporter: at the corner of light and pratt street, south west airlines set up a mini beach with one thing in mind. yes employees put on grass skirts and gave away goody bags and some were better than others. sharon alice just found out her
5:35 pm
bag contained two round trip tickets plus hotel to the panama city beaches. >> enjoy four days and three nights in one bedroom condominium at a resort privacy located in the world's most beautiful beaches. when am i going to do that? >> she can take off from vwi marshall any time this year. >> this is my first vacation on a plane, ever. >> yeah. >> ever, so. >> wow. >> reporter: more people found out they were winners. including andrea redkey. >> i thought okay, i got a frisbie and hat and i kept digging and said, hey, i found some tickets in it. >> this is a bag that has tickets in it. we're gone going to go give it to someone lucky.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: have you found a bag yet? >> no. >> reporter: you should look inside. >> i got free tickets to a trip to europe. >> reporter: i love being the bearer of good news. >> where's my bag? it will soon cost you more to cancel your iphone contract with at&t. the carrier will charge $325 if you want to get out of your contract early. right now they charge $175. that announcement comes in the middle of speculation that apple will soon offer the smart phone through other wireless carriers. the husband of late actress murphy is found dead in the same home where she was found dead. >> reporter: simon monjack is famous in death as he was in
5:37 pm
life for his marriage to hollywood actress brittney murphy. he died mysteriously five months after murphy did in the same hollywood hills home. murphy's mother lives in the house, she found monjack also murphy. when the couple was married in 2007, murphy was an established hollywood star appearing in several movies including clueless. but her career came to a stall. she took numerous prescriptions and overthe counter cold medications. >> there were some prescription drugs found that belonged to mr. monjack and we'll have an ongoing investigation. cause of death is pending. >> reporter: monjack had suffered health problems in the
5:38 pm
past few months. he had a heart attack just two weeks before his wife's death. and he recently complained of seizures. in tonight's wjz is trying to make hospital health safety, just keep a checklist. researchers looked at eight hospitals before and after they implemented a list of procedures for surgeries to follow. among 17,000 patients, the number of deaths dropped by nearly 2/3. the number of surgical complications fell by more than 1/3. >> also in health watch, yoga may provide help for cancer survivors. those who took part in yoga were able to cut back on sleeping pills and slept
5:39 pm
better. yoga also cut fatigue in patients close to half. three area animal shelters are participating in the baltimore 500 hoping to have 500 cats adopted before the end of the month. >> reporter: this is samantha, like hundreds of cats hoping for a new home. b.a.r.k. receive hundreds of cats a month. >> we are seeing more cats because of the economy. so we need more help from the community, more than ever before. >> reporter: so they've teamed up to get 500 cats adopted. workers say there are so many stray cats, because many owners don't spay or neuter them. but all of these cats out for
5:40 pm
adoption are already fixed. adoption fees which are normally up to $100 will be -- waived. pets adopted will only need chipping. >> there are very cute but there are simply too many and they really need homes, that's what this promotion is about. cats adopted during the baltimore 500 will also get a free first exam to see who's up for adoption at each of the three shelters, log on to students at arch bishop high school had a privilege to listen to a distinguished graduate of themselves. brandon pitt told them how his time at curly was a spring to his success. >> i loved my experience at
5:41 pm
bishop high school. everything i've achieved in my life started here. >> i just watched him last night on 60 minutes. he had an amazing school on the feed school that is now in baltimore. you know he comes at it from experience, being underprivileged, he is a phenomenal reporter. here is one of the stories the evening news are working on. >> i'm 1700 feet above that massive oil spill. is enough being done to stop this slow motion disaster? tonight on the cbs evening news from the gulf coast. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news, back in court a judge comes down hard on actress lyndsey lohan.
5:42 pm
trouble in paradise, police and guns flood the streets of jamaica. big warm upcoming up on the,
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there's sun out there right now. some clouds are in the region. a couple of sprinkles showing up across portions of hartford county. most areas will see fog and drizzle late. but tomorrow looks a little brighter. >> the sun is trying to kick up right now. getting a little bit brighter. but tonight some fog is going to form and tomorrow we'll start out with some clouds across the region. sunshine is going to breakthrough. and with warm up close to 90 degrees, it will be muggy. temperatures start to drop then the real head starts on wednesday. for the rest of the day here comes bob. >> it's going to be a little humid too. thursday and friday with the front approaching there might be a thundershower. 81 on friday, maybe drying out
5:46 pm
some what on saturday with a high of 76 degrees. mary-- >> all right, bob thank you. tonight's energy saving is answering a viewer question talking about what to do with cfl bulbs that have burned out. cfl bulbs should be recycled, you may drop them off at a recycling plant or home depot and ikea accept bulks for recycling. and several people remain stranded after a quake hit china. an 80-year-old woman's vehicle was lost in the gushing water. the u.s. has issued a travel alert over the possibility of violence in jamaica. parts of that country are still
5:47 pm
under a state of emergency after masked mentor. ed a police station. so far two police officers have been killed. actress lyndsey lohan probation just got tougher. a california judge ruled she can't have any drugs or alcohol after missing a court appearance. the actress will have to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet and submit to random drug tests. lohan claims she missed last week's court appearance because her passport was stolen while she was in france. for all of these stories and more, coming up denise is coming up with a preview. >> lost and found, new at 6:00 how technology is taking the search out of search and rescue. and it's from right here in
5:48 pm
maryland. i'm jessica cartalia, a local congressman says he's come up with a solution to stop the oil spill in the gulf. i'll explain. check in for these stories and much more at 6: 6:00. now back to you, kai. >> thank you, denise. sports is next. >> a coach gets ,,
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i think it was meat loaf the song two out of three ain't bad. >> there's been too much of that losing going on.
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>> it is a day off for the team. and many believe the days of trembley are done. trembley and his guys road a wave of emotions. a thrilling come back to force extra innings then sudden death in the bottom of the tenth. clay meredith was brought in after alfredo simon got hit. and the o's another heartbreaking defeat. >> we got 25 guys right here pulling for each other. we're trying our best, and for sure we don't want to lose. i mean, we give it 100% effort and that's the only thing we're going to ask for. here's why meredith had to come in to pitch. alfredo simon had to leave the game. it looks like the right hander
5:53 pm
could be headed to the dl list. other baseball news, the texas rangers have filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. that's a move made to speed up the the sale of the team. alex rodriguez, he's owed nearly 25 million from his original deal nine years ago. rangers owner tom hicks wants to tie up the debt to complete the sale of the team to a pittsburgh group for $575 million the team will stay in texas. that sale could be done by the all star break. basketball news, cleveland's mike brown goes from coach of the year to coach without a job. he was fired by the cavaliers today, this after his team had the most wins in the regular season. but lost in the second round of the play offs to boston. the celtics can advance with a
5:54 pm
win over orlando tonight. western conference, another flow to the face to sun guard steve nash. it's a broken nose. look he tries to fix it himself. he was accidentally head butted by the lakers derrick fisher. it happens in the last 90 seconds of the sun's win. he's expected to be back on the court for game four tomorrow night in arizona. that's one tough kid. nfl rookies on parade in los angeles. it's the annual rookie photo shoot where the first year guys get their pictures taken for their first nfl trading card. they get the group shot plus individual poses and action shots. part of the rookie tradition is showing off that talent, for tampa bay there was a back flip. there was also some singing and dancing, i will take the back
5:55 pm
flip any time. we're going to head to the french open. serena is looking to do what her sister venus did, that is winning a first round win. you can catch me on the radiomonday through friday on 105.7 the fan. >> brad hill was feeling the pain. >> yeah, he did. >> i love how he tried to fix it after wards. he is a good player. such a good player. >> he is a good player. and still to come on wjz eyewitness news. a bar owner shot nine times after closing, i'm adam may, why neighbors here say some of ,
5:56 pm
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coming up right now on eyewitness news at 6:00. a baltimore county bar owner shot to death. tonight police look for a motive and the killer. the big gamable. i'm mike hellgren, a big battle is on over slots. and tens of thousands of gallons of oil flowing into the coast as outrage grows. check in for these stories and much more on wjz eyewitness
5:59 pm
news. >> the news starts right now. fatal ambush, a baltimore county business owner shot nine times. >> tonight his friends and family mourn as police search for killer. good evening everyone, i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter, this is what we have coming up tonight. >> adam may has the story. >> reporter: finding a motive is the big question for investigators. they figure if they find that out, it will lead to a motive. patrons are dropping off water for lee martin. >> all we know, when he walked


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